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Each of the coffees that we offer is the product of a unique combination of the right soil, topography and climate with superior, often highly delicate, coffee plants.

Our coffees come from small estates, predominantly situated at high altitudes or on small islands with lower growing elevations healthy maritime winds compensating for the less mountainous terrains.

Our suppliers’ crop outputs are necessarily constrained by limited cultivation acreage due to the terrain, the limited land available for cultivation and often by a small local population. Both the terrain itself and the delicate nature of many of the varietals cultivated necessitates labour-intensive, artisanal farming and processing.

Cup quality is an essential feature, (think of Jamaica with its rigorous quality controls; some of the toughest in the world), but just as important to our coffees is their combination of scarcity with extraordinary stories and exotic locations – story-centric rather than cup-centric coffees.

For over two decades, we have been visiting origin and forging long term personal relationships with the coffee farmers; in the case of Jamaica and St Helena, we have even invested directly in the estates we buy from, such is our belief in their coffees.

We roast in small batches, and grind and pack to order to make sure that every cup is as fresh and as vibrant as possible; this is a freshness that supermarket coffees simply cannot match.

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