Flame FX Ltd, Plumbers in Mill Hill

Flame FX ltd are a London based plumbing and heating specialists who know there stuff!

We aim to always be competitive on price and never cut corners, we deal with a multitude of clients from house wife's to national sporting areas.

Flame FX ltd understands the importance of each job from a leaky pipe to the full installation of a heating and plumbing system.

We have many ongoing contracts with properties in the residential and commercial sectors. We do not believe in selling monthly maintenance charges for a "just encase" scenario arises, but we do understand the importance in having regular maintenance inspections.

Flame FX ltd offers a yearly routine inspection for £100 each visit and will offer a 5% discount for any work that may be detected by each inspection.

Contact Flame FX Ltd

5 Daws Lane
Phone0203 740 9081