Businesses within 3 miles of Highbury

Architecture for London
London EC1M 5RF 2.04 miles

Strategy Hat
London WC1V 7PB 2.44 miles

Ton Hixon of Smithfield
London EC1A 9LH 2.32 miles

Keevil and Keevil Online Butchers
London EC1A 9LH 2.32 miles

Oasis Cafe
London EC1N 7TE 2.28 miles

Highland Store
London WC1B 3BN 2.58 miles

Sea Island Coffee
London EC3V 3QQ 2.7 miles

Tangerina Artisan Coffee Shop
London N16 9EJ 0.39 miles

London E8 4AE 1.09 miles

Healys LLP
London WC1R 4QR 2.33 miles

London EC1A 9ET 2.23 miles

Wentworth Clinic
London W1G 7AF 2.99 miles

Lutyens Restaurant
London EC4Y 1AE 2.65 miles

Poppies Fish and Chips
London E1 6QR 2.42 miles

Rock and Sole Plaice
London WC2H 9AJ 2.84 miles

Vintage Salt
London EC2M 1QS 2.5 miles

London Town Gardens
London N8 9LY 2.35 miles

Kandara Guest House
London N1 3NW 0.67 miles

Arlington Avenue
London N1 7AX 1.13 miles

Budget Guest House
London WC1X 9NL 1.79 miles

Andaz Hotel
London EC2M 7QN 2.49 miles

Apex temple Court Hotel
London EC4Y 1AE 2.65 miles

Namaaste Kitchen
London WC1N 3EF 2.16 miles

Ghandi's Restaurant
London E1 6RL 2.49 miles

Cinnamon Kitchen
London EC2M 4YF 2.55 miles

Kia Designs
London EC2A 2EX 2.32 miles

IT Lab
London EC1A 9PT 2.28 miles

London EC2V 7BB 2.58 miles

Wavex Solutions
London E1 8HG 2.98 miles

Rennie & Co
London EC1N 8LY 2.36 miles

Asadal Restaurant
London WC1V 7DA 2.58 miles

London Landscapes
London E2 9QP 2.39 miles

London Secure Locks
London E9 7AS 2.33 miles

ITVET Ltd Managed Setvices
London EC1V 4PY 1.99 miles

Reynolds and Reynolds Limited
London NW1 8DN 2.27 miles

Syntax Integration
London WC1B 4JP 2.49 miles

Our IT Department
London EC3A 7JB 2.68 miles

On Line Computing
London EC4R 1AP 2.8 miles

Massage Therapy London
London WC1X 8NW 2.29 miles

Minibus Hire London
London E1 1DU 2.71 miles

London E2 7JQ 1.99 miles

Eyediology Opticians
London E1 6BD 2.57 miles

Tea Party
London NW5 1AG 1.87 miles

Charles Sturge Photographer
London N1 7GU 1.48 miles

Corporate Photography London
London EC1V 2NX 1.74 miles

Eye Revolution
London N8 8TE 2.32 miles

Corporate Photographer London
London EC2M 3XD 2.57 miles

Packshot & Stills
London NW5 3AN 2.02 miles

Capital Physio
London EC2A 2DT 2.09 miles

Capital Physio
London NW1 8NS 2.15 miles

Spinal Healthcare
London W1G 7LF 2.99 miles

Top Pizza
London N4 3NS 0.92 miles

Pizza Da Milano
London N19 3PA 1.38 miles

Base Pizza
London E8 4EA 1.39 miles

Best American Pizza
London N1 6EY 1.81 miles

City Doc
London EC1Y 2AA 2.11 miles

Aisha Ali Psychotherapy and Counselling
London N6 5AG 2.56 miles

The Koan Practice
London E1 7TB 2.61 miles

B Public Relations
London W1T 3NQ 2.96 miles

Cititec IT Recruitment
London EC1Y 8RT 1.9 miles

Dice IT Recruitment
London EC2A 4NW 1.94 miles

Roevin Engineering Recruitment
London EC4V 4BG 2.84 miles

Your Inner Glow
London N1 0NX 1.11 miles

Easyshift Ltd
London N8 9AJ 1.91 miles

Beani Bar
London WC1E 7LY 2.62 miles

Bright Lemon
London EC2A 4DL 2.05 miles

Osbournes Solicitors LLP
London NW1 0AE 2.11 miles

Platinum Cars
London EC2M 1QS 2.5 miles

The Tea Rooms
London N16 0UH 0.95 miles

Hit The Theatre
London E2 8AA 1.82 miles

WorldAccent Translation Services
London EC1V 9FR 1.88 miles

Migal Translations
London EC1V 4PW 1.99 miles

Tay Do
London E2 8AG 1.73 miles

EC1 Solutions
London N1 9LP 1.49 miles

OMD Design
London NW5 3DH 2 miles

Totally Communications
London NW5 1TL 2.02 miles

ArtDriver Web Design & SEO Services
London WC1N 3AX 2.41 miles

Minuco Web Design
London WC2B 5LQ 2.74 miles